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Hot Air Balloon: To help students get a realistic understanding of how hot air ballons work, they will spend one day at the Balloons over Waikato Hot Air Balloon Festival. This will give students the opportunity to ask questions and develop knowledge surrounding the balllons and flight in general.

For this activity the teacher will encourage the students to 'wear' their green hats, as they are wanting to keep an open mind during this experiment and be able to look at how they can improve. By wearing this hat students will be asking themselves and others:
What new ideas are possible?
Could they create anything new from this experience?

As part of the physical science strand : Students will be investigating properties of matter, forces
Focus: Creativity.

and motion. As a result of this experience students should develop abilities to do scientific inquiry. Ultimately students develop their own thinking based on their experiment conducted and choices made in constructing their hot air balloon.

Using the materials provided, each team must design, construct, and
launch a hot air balloon.
Science Process Skills

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Summative Evaluation:
Student teams will discuss the pros and cons of their design
plan using height data to explain flight success or failure due to design flaws.
The team will collaborate and select a spokesperson. The spokesperson will share the teams final
design plan with the class. The height data will be discussed. Student teams will use the rubric to assess
their understanding of the concepts. Upon completion of the activity students will complete an individual
assignment reporting their findings back to Gore Industries. Each employee must state their material
recommendation for hot air balloon production and explain why it is the best manufacturing choice [7]
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