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Journey in the outdoors


Students will be encouraged to 'wear' their black hats while conducting this exercise.
Focus: Judgement

By wearing the black hat the students will have a very focused objective look at the exercise. This important as they need to ensure they will be pursuing an activity that all students are capable of. The more the students critique their plan the greater the chances of success and safety while on the journey.

Focus: Going on a journey.

Aim: Students will work together to plan and complete an outdoor journey involving the planning, interpersonal and physical skills they have developed over the course

Specific Learning Outcomes:

1. Plan for an outdoor journey
2. Plan for safety in the outdoors
3. Complete a planned journey
4. Set goals and reflect on these


The outdoor environment offers an opportunity for student to learn about themselves, others.
Within this unit students will work together to research and negotiate a journey that is accessible and has meaning to all students. They will consider principles of sustainability in their planning and how they can create a connection with and enhance the place.

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