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Statistical Investigation

Focus: Facts and Figures
For this activity the teacher will encourage the students to 'wear' their white hats. By wearing the white hat the students will be encouraged to think about the facts and figures of the project. With this thinking hat, you focus on the data available.

Activity: Statistical Investigation

Over a two day period students will try a number of activities including skipping, crunches and rope climbing to measure their heart rate. As each student tries a number of these activities they then record their findings and display their results on a graph of their choice. (Depending on age level)

Over the next two days the students
gather information around the theme of sports. They display and share the information using stem-and-leaf graphs or other displays they have previously studied.

Ideas include:
  1. Brainstorm ideas for sports investigations. List these on the board. Some ideas could include;
    How many crunches (sit ups) they can do in a minute?
    How many breaths they take in a minute before exercise, after exercise?
    How long it takes to run a certain distance (time in seconds)?
    How many skips in a minute?
  2. Look at the list of ideas and discuss the ones that would be suitable for display as a stem-and-leaf graphs.
  3. Let the students work in pairs or small groups to plan and then conduct an investigation.
  4. Discuss with students the features that you want them to include in their report of the investigation. The reports could include:
    - The aim of the investigation.
    - A description of how the data was collected.
    - A data display
    - A written summary about the data making use of middle, spread and outliers [9]

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