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Students exploring ideas for poetry

Poetry Writing:
During this experience the teacher will encourage students to 'wear' their red hats.

To help students develop a great depth of understanding in their own poetry writing take them outside the classroom:

  • Begin the lesson by focusing students on one particular area of interest e.g Frost, Autumn Leaves, The Chill in the air, Frozen lawns, Frost etc
  • In small groups or peers students brainstorm as much detail they can about this subject area.
  • Students then begin to develop their draft, using the ideas they outlined in their brainstorm.
  • Work is then checked by their desk partner using the P.M.I method.
  • Corrections added
  • Work is shown to the teacher
  • Complete final draft
  • Add graphics and art to their work
  • Completed poetry and art work to be placed up on the wall.

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