Welcome to the Education Outside the Classroom (E.O.T.C) kete. On this page will find information and links to help support student teachers and teachers alike provide greater opportunities for learning that go on beyond the four walls of the classroom.

E.O.T.C is a generic term that is used extensively by schools in New Zealand to describe "curriculum-based learning that extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. This ranges from a museum or marae visit to a sports trip, outdoor education camp, or rocky shore field trip"[8]

Getting out of the classroom facilitates an authentic expereince for students, they are able to interact in real-world situations and contexts that contribute to a holistic education experience.

It has been suggested that the benfits of education outside the classroom include:

  • higher levels of motivation
  • greater curiosity leading to more effective exploration
  • creative ideas driving investigations
  • meaningful application of problem solving strategies and thinking skills
  • a heightened sense of purpose and relevance
  • the all important bridge between theory and reality
  • greater independence and an improved attitude to learning
  • greater enjoyment and achievement [8]

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